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June 2022


Committed to the environment!

At merytronic we are firmly committed to caring for the environment. Proof of this is our environmental management system, which involves a process of continuous improvement to reduce the consumption of natural resources, make our products more sustainable and properly manage the waste we generate. It is our way of contributing to building a green future.


Since we launched the implementation of ISO 14001 certification in the second quarter of 2018, we have continued to work to maintain and improve the standards set by this environmental certification, carrying out annual energy efficiency audits.

The different initiatives we have implemented during this period have been aligned with the needs of care and respect for the planet. Some of them have been implemented in our day-to-day work, within our offices and production centre, for example:

  • Replacement of luminaires with more energy efficient LED lights.
  • Promoting the use of technological tools that allow remote meetings to be held.
  • Implementation of teleworking days, avoiding daily commuting to the office for our workers.
  • Informative e-mails on environmental awareness (energy consumption, paper, water, electricity, etc.) and the responsible use of natural resources.

Design and manufacture

The design and manufacture of our products is another area where we continue to maximise our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. In order to reduce RAEE, we have taken measures such as; reducing the PCB frame, use of batteries with a useful life of 3 years, analysis of the life cycle of various products in order to improve their design….This is an ongoing task in which both the R&D and Production departments are involved.


Waste management

Waste management is another area where we are involved. Measures taken include:

  • Placement of paper and plastic recycling points within our facilities.
  • Agreements with some suppliers for the return of packaging in order to reduce environmental impact and costs and improve productivity.
  • In addition, and in compliance with European Directive 2012/19/EU and Royal Decree 110/2015 on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, we fulfil our responsibility as manufacturers by participating in the system coordinated by Ambiafme.


Looking to the future, we have a number of projects and ideas on the table that we plan to implement in different areas:

  • Agreeing conditions with employees regarding teleworking.
  • Solidarity bottle cap collection project.
  • Environmental awareness reminders

All these measures would not be effective without the involvement of all the staff at Merytronic.

Together we continue to work for a more sustainable world.


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