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For an efficient management of distribution networks, it is essential to have an accurate and up-to-date knowledge of the low-voltage network topology.

The GridGIS Connect digitising app is specially developed for field work with the ILF G2 | ILF G2 Pro (new versions of the Ariadna ILF 12) and the Ariadna ILF12 devices.

Developed by Ariadna Grid (our technical partner), it automatically stores the results of the correspondence between the meter and the Secondary Substation, with the feeder and phase number to which it is connected.

Through this application the data capture is displayed on a map of the work area, quickly and easily.

Main Features


  • Secondary Substation (SS) asset register: SS identifier, transformer, LV panel, feeder numbers, type of MV and LV cables, MV switchgear, etc.
  • Recording of the device configuration: Central Unit code, correspondence between feeder number and Rogowski sensor input number…
  • Topology/CONNECTIVITY: loging of the energy meter identification with the Line Unit: Secondary Substation – feeder – phase + date – time + operator.
  • Photo of each identified asset
  • GPS geolocalization  of each identified asset: SS, meter boxes, pole, meter…
  • Track work progress
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Export/Import in files compatible with GIS tools: GeoJSON, KMZ and Shapefile
  • Data integration with the utility’s GIS system


Demo: visualisation of topological information

Determination of the network topology. Ariadna ILF12 and GridGIS Connect

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