ILF G2 Pro


Phase and feeder identifier


Advanced version of the ILF G2 device, specially designed for big mapping and digitising campaigns of the distribution network, helping to reduce the duration of the campaign and providing great cost savings.

Thanks to its digitisation app GridGIS Connect (developed by ARIADNA Grid), the ILF G2Pro is able to add, edit and store over the same map, the location and connection of all consumers in the Low Voltage distribution network. It identifies and digitises, with total reliability, to which Secondary Substation, Low Voltage panel, outgoing feeder and phase each of the meters/consumers in the network are connected.

Main features

Features added to the ILF G2 


  • Identification of the 3 phases and up to 12 feeders of a LV panel, possibility of having several devices in parallel if there are more feeders.
  • In live networks.
  • Designed for big network mapping campaigns, up to 99 devices can work at the same time.
  • Adapted to different types of distribution networks: cascade or/and in parallel mode, allowing to know the connectivity of the consumer with respect to each intermediate element of the distribution network (feeder pillars).
  • Integrated Bluetooth for automatic data transfer to the digitisation app (compatible with GIS systems).
  • GridGIS Connect digitising app licence included.



Smart meter installation campaigns


Determination of the network topology. Ariadna ILF12 and GridGIS Connect

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