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Recommendations for the use of Ariadna CI

Electric Cable Identification

In electrical maintenance works, in order to cope with safety standards, it becomes necessary to identify correct cable unambiguously prior to its manipulation.

Identificador de Cables


The Ariadna CI – Cable Identifier is an advanced, yet simple to operate, digital tool. It helps users to easily identify any de-energized electric cables, energized MV cables and energized  LV cables, among multiple conductors, in trenches, manholes, panels, aerial/underground conversions, etc.

This article contains a series of recommendations for the use of this device.


Recommendation 1. The correct cable identification

How is it displayed on the receiver (CI-Rx) that the CORRECT cable identification is? 

cable return identification



Recommendation 2. Repeat measurements

Once the device has been connected, carry out a first identification inside the Transformer Substation. The same reading should be obtained in the tasting. 


cable trench identification



Recommendation 3. Correct fitting of the induction clamp

  • Place the clamp fully closed until the induction buzzing sound is heard.
  • The clamp must be positioned clamped only on the low voltage cable, outside the shielding and the capacitive conductor.  

Ariadna CI colocación pinza











Recommendation 4. Direct connection

It is recommended, whenever possible, to use the “direct connection” mode.


  • Measurement of impedance (Ω) and injected signal (mA)
  • Best performance, up to 2kΩ (with clamp: 10 Ω)
  • Long distances <50km


  • TWO tests are needed to perform phase identification (with induction clamp only ONE)


Conexión directa Ariadna CI


Recommendation 5. Quick direct connection method

Conexión directa en botellas



The picture shows a quick way of direct connection of the Ariadna CI without the need to open the bottles.






Recommendation 6. Energized cables identification

cables a identificar


  • Use the Ariadna CI in mode: LIVED MV CABLE IDENTIFICATION  (or LV).
  • Identify the cable in service.
  • Request line clearance (less clearance time, less impact on consumers).
  • Re-identify the cable WITHOUT VOLTAGE, in a FAST, SAFE AND RELIABLE way.

In this article we explain the advantages in more detail.



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Identificación de cable

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