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MRT-700 sonido

Underground cable and pipe locator and tracer


The MRT-700 device is an underground cable and pipe locator, which makes it possible to trace distribution networks quickly, easily and accurately.

  • Energised Cables
  • De-energised Cables
  • Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage Lines
  • Metallic and non-metallic pipelines

Additionally, interesting functionalities have been incorporated  that are really helpfull for contractors, maintenance departments, civil works, GIS, etc.,which allow the tracer to be converted into a cable identifier, fault locator or even digitize the underground network itself.


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MRT-700 & MRT-500 accessories

MRT-700 underground cable locator

The MRT-700 and MRT-500 devices,  for underground cable and pipe locator, have the following accessories, adapted to the different needs of the field works.

  • Accessories for energised cables
  • Accessories for de-energised cables
  • Accessories for metallic pipes
  • Accesories for non-metallic pipes




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Accessories for energised cables

Live cable connector

Accesorios Filtro completo


Live cables isolated connection.
For a direct connection in energized cables.
Only works from CI-Tx SW V13 and ahead.





Accessories for de-energised cables

Multiple phase connection kit

accesorios cable cortocircuito



Allows to connect the 3 phases to earth.





Ground extension kit

accesorios cable alargador



For earth connection.
Longitude: 10m.





Accessories for metallic pipes

Neodymium magnet


accesorio iman MRT-700 tubería metálica



A quick direct connection to pipeline.








Ground extensión kit

accesorios cable alargador



For earth connection.
Longitude: 10m.





Accesories for non-metallic pipes


Cable guides



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