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New corporate website

The project to modernise our website was born out of the need to have a greater presence in the digital environment and to be able to show what we really do at Merytronic. Creating a new portal of opportunities and strengthening our brand image, as a reference company, with a firm purpose of innovation and development that is at the service of the customer’s needs.

The objectives set for this project have been:

– Updated design, reflecting the reality of the company.

– Responsive design, accessible from any device

– Valuable content, a reference for clients and users

– Optimise the user experience



We keep our identity, but we have renewed it, with a more modern and fresh design. After months of hard work, and in order to optimise the user experience, the new website has a more dynamic and attractive interface, with a much more accessible content structure for users and a more simplified navigation.


In addition to being our website a showcase of our solutions and products for customers and distributors, we want it to be a point of reference and consultation of solutions for the different professionals in the sector. We want to turn it into a channel of communication with the different agents in the electrical sector, to promote it and give it all the value it deserves.

1. New focus by applications

We have given it a new commercial focus, presenting our products from the point of view of the solution. We have defined a new category of enquiries by application:

– Electric network digitisation – Network topology

– Monitoring systems for LV network  – Smart Grids

– Maintenance: electricity distribution networks

– Electrical safety: cable identifier

– Maintenance: underground piping networks

– Piping networks digitisation

2. R&D projects

One of our hallmarks is continuous innovation, always at the forefront of the electricity sector. For this reason, we have included a new section, R&D Projects, where you can find out which national and international projects we are involved in. Giving greater visibility to the part of research and development of solutions, which will mark the future trends of electrical networks.

3. Merytronic Training Center

At Merytronic we go beyond the design and manufacture of portable equipment, giving training courses on how to use them in real situations.

We carry out specific courses on: Electrical Safety – Cable Identification, Electric network Topology and Underground Network Tracing. But we are also open to other types of training that our clients propose according to their needs.

4. Work with us

We have added a Work with us section. We are aware that human capital is a fundamental pillar in our organisation, so we have created this page to receive applications from all those who are interested in working with us, as well as to post our active job offers.



In order to help our users to browse our website and to resolve doubts and queries, we have included contact forms on all pages. Our commercial department will be available to solve all those questions and requirements that come to us through the web or other means.


During the last years we have been promoting our presence in RRSS specifically in our linkedin profile, providing valuable information and contents of our commercial activities, in fairs, with clients, institutions, alliances in cutting-edge projects…. We have also created a space for news and interesting information on the website. We will also continue to publish on social networks.

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We hope that all the work we have done will meet the established objectives.

We would love to hear your opinion. You can send it through any of the channels we have established to communicate with you.



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