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ILF G2 Phase and feeder identifier

Phase and feeder identifier


The ILF G2 device, phase and feeder identifier, makes it possible to identify in a few seconds and with total reliability, to which Secondary Substation, Low Voltage panel, feeder output and phase each of the meters/subscribers of the Low Voltage electric grid are connected.

This information package is known as meter topology. The electric utilities knowledge of the topology of its subscribers is crucial for the correct management of its distribution networks.

In addition to determining the topology of the meters, intermediate elements of the network can also be identified.


leyend ILF G2 identifier elements


The identification is carried out with the network in service, for any type of network: ringed, star, with/without neutral, triangle, etc.

The device consists of a CD – central unit that is installed in the Secondary Substation and a UL – line device that will be carried by the operator where the topology package is displayed. It is possible for several operators to work at the same time under the same CD, each with their own UL.

There is an advanced version of the device, the ILF G2 Pro. It is specially designed for large network mapping campaigns.

This new generation of identifiers allows to digitise the results obtained directly from the field. Thanks to the  app GridGIS D-twin  (developed by Ariadna Grid), which is sold as an option, the location and connection of all the identified points of the Low Voltage distribution network can be added, edited and stored on the same map.

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