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Underground cable locator MRT-500

Underground cable and pipe locator


The MRT-500 device is an underground cable and pipe locator, which makes it possible to trace distribution networks quickly, easily and accurately.

  • Energised Cables
  • De-energised Cables
  • Low Voltage, Medium Voltage and High Voltage Lines
  • Metallic and non-metallic pipeline

Specially designed for contractors, maintenance departments, civil works, GIS, etc., to locate and trace the cables of their distribution networks. It is also valid for locating and tracing underground pipe networks.

In addition, thanks to its compatibility with the GridGIS Map Creator digitisation app (developed by Ariadna Grid), it allows the underground network to be digitised accurately.

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MRT-700 & MRT-500 accessories

MRT-700 underground cable locator

The MRT-700 and MRT-500 devices,  for underground cable and pipe locator, have the following accessories, adapted to the different needs of the field works.

  • Accessories for energised cables
  • Accessories for de-energised cables
  • Accessories for metallic pipes
  • Accesories for non-metallic pipes




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Accessories for energised cables

Live cable connector

Accesorios Filtro completo


Live cables isolated connection.
For a direct connection in energized cables.
Only works from CI-Tx SW V13 and ahead.





Accessories for de-energised cables

Multiple phase connection kit

accesorios cable cortocircuito



Allows to connect the 3 phases to earth.





Ground extension kit

accesorios cable alargador



For earth connection.
Longitude: 10m.





Accessories for metallic pipes

Neodymium magnet


accesorio iman MRT-700 tubería metálica



A quick direct connection to pipeline.








Ground extensión kit

accesorios cable alargador



For earth connection.
Longitude: 10m.





Accesories for non-metallic pipes


Cable guides



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