Ariadna CI-DE


Identification of De-energised cable


The cable identifier Ariadna CI-DE device allows to identify any type of de-energised cable, in a RELIABLE, SIMPLE and SAFE way.

Specially designed for maintenance tasks involving the handling of electrical cables, it is an effective tool that allows operators to easily and without error identify de-energised cables from other conductors in trenches, manholes, panels…

It doesn’t require calibration before using it, factory calibrated.

Main Features

  • De-energised cable identifier
  • Single-phase and three-phase cables
  • Signal injection by Direct connection or Induction clamp
  • Cable length > 50 km (direct connection)
  • Induction signal amplitude and polarity detection
  • Identification sound alert
  • Operation time > 24 h (level 2)
  • Rechargeable battery on the transmitter (CI-DE Tx)



ARIADNA CI-DE, de-energized cable identification



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