MRT-700 FF


Fault pinpointing on cables and pipes


The MRT-700 (*) device has the functionality of Fault pinpointing on cables and pipes. These faults are caused by the deterioration of the coating on the pipe and damage in the cable isolation, whereby the metal part of the cables and pipes may come into contact with the ground.

By combining the MRT-700 device with the A-frame connected to the receiver, it is possible to identify and locate the exact point of the faults. A special frequency – 8KFF – (Fault Locating Frequency) is injected to perform this detection work. High accuracy (<5 cm)

The MRT-700 allows simultaneous cable route tracing and fault pinpointing.

(*) MRT-700 device must be ordered with integrated Fault Detection Functionality.


Main Features

  • MRT-700TX, generation of a special 8KFF frequency.
  • MRT-700RX:
    • Developed for fault frequency detection
    • 2 display modes: Basic and Advanced (Dual)
    • Connector for A-frame
  • A-frame:
    • Sensor for fault detection
    • Robust A-frame with 2 pins for measuring voltage drop to earth




The MRT-700, with fault pinpointing functionality, can be ordered with the following extras:



MRT-700 Fault Pinpointing Fucntionality

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